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Kautuk Shrivastava

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Kautuk Shrivastava

Kautuk Srivastava is a writer and comedian, in that order. He has written and performed for MTV on shows such as MyCam, Drive with MTV, Reality Stars, MTV Rock the Vote and The List with Varun Thakur.

As a comedian he has worked with Vir Das at Weirdass Comedy and has performed at major venues across Mumbai. His brand of humour is described as personal, observational and sometimes even funny [citation required]. He is currently a member of SnG Comedy, one of the foremost comedy collectives in the country. They do stand-up, sketch, improv and yoga on Wednesdays.

His favourite sports team is Real Madrid and he makes it a point to motivate their players by yelling at the TV every time they play. He doesn’t have tattoos but if he got one it would say, ”I’m also cool, Okay?”

He has used the same bio on Tinder with mixed results thus far. But comedy is far more forgiving. So please swipe right for Kautuk Srivastava.HIRE THIS COMEDIAN

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