Sound Wave Invasion

New Year Bash at Roseate House ( New Delhi ) 2017

          Get yourselves ready for an amazing night of :

Ghetto Children (Blues Band)

Ghetto Chilldren undoubtedly one of the best Blues bands in Delhi NCR formed barely two years back is a five member outfit of veterans who were driven by the sole aim of providing quality and and content in their music . The band comprises of Gautam Lahiri on vocals and rhythm guitar and Sudatto Sen on bass guitar [two veterans from the 80’s Delhi music scene ] and Ranjan Dewan on lead guitar who has to be heard to be believed and whiz kid Arko Ganguly on drums .Manita Thapa is an amazing female crooner in the band and carved a place for herself within a short time . During last two years the band has played at all major venues in Delhi and Gurugram .

Live Stand Up Comedy with “Vasu Primlani and Gaurav Gupta”

Vasu Primlani (Winner of National Award).

Vasu Primlani‘s pioneering stand-up comedy is based on a scintillating look at life through the environment, based on her work in the United States, very strong social commentary, inter personal relationships, seeing India through new eyes (including how George Bush is like her mother), gender politics, men vs. women, climate change, environmental messaging, politics in a social context, a literary look at comedy, and experiences of an immigrant bumping into the culture and the laws of the United States. She is a keen observer of life around her, is often baffled by meaningless events and things. She constantly questions the notion of normal, and challenges the male-dominated and heterosexist mindset of society. She is best known for her physical humor and deadpan expressions. She is also one of the top 3 female comedians in India.

Gaurav Gupta.

Gaurav Gupta is a Comedian and baniya who is extravagant when it comes to delivering jokes.His comedy sets come with a seatbelt warning though, because you may fall out of your seats laughing. He is a dentist by profession, a husband by possession and a comedian by recession


                      DJ night with Michael Weston

Michael Weston’s career has been marked by 5 years of incredible achievements across the country. For him, Music transcends more than sound, it is the doorway through which he sees eternity. His unique energy and sound is a result of countless sleepless hours ofdetermined practice and knowledge. Here is anabbreviation of his mammoth skills and magnum opus flairin rousing your passion with HIS IMMACULATE MUSIC.Starting at an early age, he is unquestionably one of thepioneers of excellence in music and entertainment today. His versatility in various music genres has always created anambience of taste, talent and celebration for all music lovers,rapidly making him one of the headlining artists in New Delhi
and beyond. Passion seems synonymous to him, who constantly keeps breaking his own barriers.